Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tangible Services & Outreach Clarified-May 2014

The Tangible Leadership Series continues to make a positive social and economic impact as we deliver high calibre professional services to clients on a commercial or pro bono basis.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

NEW YORK 'Da Real Capital!' -Tangible Ireland-May 8th

Tangible Leadership Seminar

THURSDAY, 8th May 2014

9am to 1pm, Registration from 8.30am

Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan,
New York City, NEW YORK

Outline Tangible Programme:

It's like Lannigan's Ball in ‘Da Real Capital!’ with
 ‘some stepping out and some stepping in again’ so here's our best guess:

 -John Reilly, Squire Sanders

-John Lee, John Lee MEDIA

-Noreen Bowden, global

-Eve Earley, Empowering Change

-Derek Kiely, Kemp Tech

-Stephen Smith, Irish Central

-William Reilly, Sober St. Patrick's Day

-Ann Murtagh, Fitzpatrick's Hotels

-Siobhan Dennehy, Emerald Centre

-Kevin McCann, Macanna Film

-Paul Finnegan, New York Irish Centre

-Raymond Sexton, Tangible Ireland

Not to mention:

-Greg McIntyre, Manhattan Gaels,

-Sheila Lynott and possibly Sean McNeill from IBO

-or Mark Finlay from Washington D.C.

We might also be honoured by Peter Ryan from the Irish Consulate if his schedule allows.

 Special Mention:
Liam Heffernan, R.I.P.
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam óg!

 Plus some clips from Tangible events if we get time.

Hope you can join us, especially with the 'Da Real Capital!' Theme.

Ar Aghaidh Linn!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tangible Ireland's 'Ancient City,Bright Future!' -LIMERICK

Some Tangible Limerick Heroes:

-Been There, Done That, What Next?
 Roger Downer, President Emeritus, University of Limerick
 -The Winning Edge
 Wayne Dignam, Director, Tender Team
 -Migration: Challenge or Opportunity?
 Pascal Derrien, Governance Team, Irish Executives
 -5000 Years of Culture
 Lianping  Chen, Volunteer Promoter, Shen Yun
 -Playing Business as a Sport!
 Kevin O’Connor, Principal, BEDC Consulting, Limerick
 -The Spanish Connection!
 Jack Bourke, President, Shannon RFC
 -Mastering Excellence
 Ardawan Lalui, Principal, Lalui Leadership
 -Making a New Life Through Business
 Imelda McGrattan, Sales Guru & Advocate, Kerry Business Women’s Network
 -Limerick, Bright Future!
 Eoghan Prendergast, Managing Director, Limerick Marketing Company
 -In Truth, In Charity
 Brian O’Donoghue, Deputy Principal, St.Munchin’s College
 -Interdisciplinary Learning-A New Approach?
 Tom Cosgrove, Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Limerick
 -Welcome to St.Munchin’s College
 David Quilter, Principal, St.Munchin’s College, Limerick
 -Lots to Say for a Young Guy!
 Garry Quilligan-Student Advocate
 -Working Your Way Up!
 John Sharkey, Coach & Mentor, Sonas Consulting, Australia
 -Limerick, A Good Prospect!
 Chris Byrne, Serial Entrepreneur,SensorPro
 -Possibility Thinking
 Carol Conway, Programme Moderator, Freelance Catalyst
 -Ambassador Summer School 2014
 Raymond Sexton, Founder, Tangible Ireland


'Ancient City, Bright 



Join Tangible Ireland in 


St.Munchin's College,

 Corbally, Limerick, IRELAND


2.00 pm-6.00 pm-Thursday , 27th March 2014, Register from  1.30 pm

for an afternoon of  


Inspiration,Leadership,Project Reviews,


Success Analysis,Outcomes and Networking

Booking Essential as Places Limited
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Monday, 13 January 2014

Tangible Ireland's 'A Shared Future!' Belfast Feb 20th

'A Shared Future!'
Join Tangible Ireland in 

Skainos Community Centre,
239 Newtownards Road | Belfast | BT4 1AF

2.00 pm-6.00 pm-Thursday , 20th February 2014, Register from  1.30 pm

for an afternoon of  

Inspiration,Leadership,Project Reviews,
Success Analysis,Outcomes and Networking
Booking Essential as Places Limited

Participation Fee: £50.00 or €50.00 for Presenters & Attendees 

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Contact: Raymond Sexton on +353 86 3011 044 or
Social Entrepreneurs, Passionate Advocates or Sceptics et al may qualify for


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Raymond Sexton
Tangible Ireland

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Expect contributions from this eclectic group of  Business and Civic Leaders:

-Art and Entrepreneurialism
Keith Drury, Artist & Former Minister, May Street Presbyterian Church
-Civic Software - Putting the Band in the Bandstand
Arthur Acheson, Architect & Civic Planner
-Clear Leadership brings Success!
Veronica Morris, Head of External Relations, Ulster Orchestra
-A Confident Future
Fiona Kieran, GM-Cross Square Hotel/PRO-Crossmaglen & S. Armagh Chamber
-Success in USA
Colm Murphy,Manager, Mathews Coaches/President-Crossmaglen & S. Armagh Chamber
-I won't let my grades define me
Aaron Gibson, Founder, You-Versus-the-World
-Why Many Websites are Coma Inducing!
Stephen Bradley, Creative Director, Veetoo-High End Web Design, Photography & Video
-Civic Leadership-Nature or Nurture?
Jill Robb, CEO Ambition Digital - a Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
-Garaíocht: the secrets of improvisational leadership
Anthony McCann, Academic, Writer & Coach
-Inside the Walls of Limerick! 
Juliana Sloan, Independent Financial Advisor
-A Southside Perspective 
Glenda Davies, Strategic Development Manager, Sandy Row Community Forum
-The Picture in Our Heads  
Carol Conway, Programme Facilitator, Freelance Catalyst
-The Prosperity Process!  
Eve Earley, Principal, Empowering Change
-Is it time for ‘A Shared Future’ Initiative in the USA?
Raymond Sexton, Founder, Tangible Ireland

Off We ..........Go!

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Tangible Ireland, was established in 2001 to provide Support Services to both indigenous Start-Up Enterprises and Foreign Direct Investment. From the beginning at Tangible we had a significant interest and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with particular focus on Community Empowerment, Social Enterprise and Cross Community and Cross Border Projects. Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 Tangible’s CSR activities have further evolved into promoting thought leadership around the core values of collaborative leadership, shared excellence and the concept of 'pay it forward!' Tangible is positive in its outlook and pragmatic in its approach. We seek to add value through our interventions and to provide a beacon of leadership and inspiration for those with passion and talent in the battle for a positive future of peace and prosperity.

In early 2009 we initiated the Tangible Leadership Series bringing together a diverse collection of intellects and advocates to face the challenges of creating an excellent Ireland. Currently with a global network of over 1000 followers/contributors we are keen to participate in Tangible debate which is restriction free, positive and pragmatic. We now visit venues in Dublin, London, Howth, Limerick, South Belfast, New York ,Crossmaglen, Sydney and Ballyhoura. Each venue attracts its own unique group of participants, with their own perspective, challenges and life experience.

We are now commencing our 6th Tangible Leadership Series starting with ‘Ammunition for Success!’ in Howth on January 9th. Our theme is in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Howth Gun Running in 1914 which was the precursor to the 1916 Rising. We have recently visited London Irish Centre to host ‘London, Our Friend in Europe!’ to explore the enhanced relationship with our nearest neighbour and closest ally in Europe and gain a better understanding of the London Irish community.

As a highlight to our Tangible Leadership Series we will hold our 5th Ambassador Summer School in Ballyhoura in August 2014 where over 3 days we provide a more relaxed yet stimulating environment to discover and debate the pertinent issues facing Ireland and the global Irish. On the Wednesday afternoon August 20th we intend to showcase a range of Tangible contributors in a TED like format at a larger venue to facilitate a greater audience and outreach without losing the intimacy of the unique Tangible format over the few days. If you have a passion about any endeavour demonstrating Business and/or Civic Leadership we are keen to connect with you. We hope to facilitate you in marshalling your thoughts, gaining positive and constructive feedback from a range of kindred spirits and to assist you in gaining momentum through participation in our Tangible Leadership Seminars at home and abroad and gaining access to a global network of Tangible enthusiasts.

We could be showcasing YOU and YOUR ENDEAVOUR to a worldwide Tangible audience!

Ar Aghaidh Linn! Off We………..Go!

Raymond Sexton
Tangible Ireland-your partner in a global economy
Castle Business Centre,
4 Castle Business Street,
Dublin 2, IRELAND
Tel: +353 86 3011 044
Skype: raymond_sexton

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tangible Ireland's 'Ammunition for Success!'-Howth Jan 9th

THURSDAY, 9th January 2014

2pm to 6pm, Registration from 1.30pm

@ Howth Yacht Club

Tangible Leadership Series' next Seminar is in Howth on the afternoon of Thursday  9th January 2014. Called 'Ammunition for Success!' in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Gun Running in 1914.the focus of our event will be on the cultivation of Business and Civic Leadership. All the various approaches and tools for developing a successful Business or Civic Endeavour will be 'landed' and we'll debate the best ways for the 'rising' of a new era of Peace & Prosperity.

Tangible Contributors include:

 Breda Dillon, Past Commodore, Howth Yacht Club
 Sean Weafer(Via Skype)-High Trust Advisor
-Tangible Moderator
 Carol Conway, Programme Director
-The Green Platform
 Declan Coyle, Author & Speaker
-The Gift of the Gab!
 Andrew Keogh, Principal, Aristo
-Arainn Mhór Showcase 
 Shirley Gallagher, Thought Leader
-A German Connection
 Axel Pohle, Broadcaster & Designer
-Friends Everywhere!
 Gráinne McVeigh, CEO, NI Connections
-Learning from the Past
 John Conway, Secretary, 16 Moore Street
-The Asgard Dinghy
 Pat Murphy, Community Rep., Howth Yacht Club
-Building Community
 Alastair Dunlop, Minister, Howth Presbyterian Church
-An Energy Perspective
 Tony Allwright, Principal, Tallrite Consulting
-Making a Difference
 Chris Gordan, Social Entrepreneur
-Doing the Right Thing
 Ronan Tobin, Deputy President, All Hallows College
-A New Era for Rugby
 Ray Fitzpatrick, Deputy President, Suttonians RFC

Participation Fee:  €50.00 for Presenters & Attendees

Booking Essential as Places Limited

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Social Entrepreneurs, Passionate Advocates or Sceptics et al 
may qualify for FREE PARTICIPATION

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Howth Harbour-Christmas 2013